The Lieca M3 Pinhole Camera – Digital Template

At a fraction of the cost of the exclusive original this 10 page download comes with detailed instructions so you can make your very own Lieca M3 camera. This paper camera operates through a pinhole and accepts 35mm film.
– Designed and made by MATT

* Please allow 12 hours for for an email containing your purchase from point of order. Addtional files can be requested upon proof of purchase

Price: £3.00 - Digital Template

Price: £45.00 - Hand Made Model

Product Sample Image
The Pinhole CCTV Camera

Nike Cortez

New: Free

Furni Kendall

Furni Kendall

New: £3.00 - £70.00

The Pinhole CCTV Camera

Pinhole CCTV Template

New: £2.00

The Lieca M3 Pinhole Camera

Lieca M3 Template

Price: £3.00 - 45.00

Product - The Fauxlex Watch

Fauxlex Template

Price: Free